The challenge

We search for, develop, and embed, new executive and non-executive talent for boards and executive leadership teams. We help organisations and their senior team to become more responsive, exhibit diverse thinking and encourage positive disruption within the business.

By doing this we deliver the following for our clients:

  • Innovation
  • Growth
  • Agility
  • Resilience
  • Customer experience
  • Employee engagement

The reach

Equiida is designed and built with a multi-cultural perspective and a capability to cover any geography in any time zone. We recognise we exist within a global economy where clients are finding it increasingly challenging to retain and source the leaders they require so that they can excel in demanding and disruptive times.

The sectors

Equiida work with those organisations and individuals seeking to sustain leadership excellence through transformation, revitalisation and growth. We are sector agnostic but level specific in our ability to provide leadership advisory services.

Our clients are typically global companies that provide a product or service that impacts millions of people whether its financial services, technology, industrial, media, consumer and beyond. Most of our clients fit into the following:

  • Listed companies – FTSE and Fortune 250 upwards
  • Large private firms.

The level and skills

We only operate with the highest level of leadership and their successors to enable our clients to make the fundamental changes they need to achieve greater success in an increasingly disruptive world. Our executive and non-executive appointments will encompass positions from Board and Chairs to specific “C-Level” officers and their direct reports.

Want to talk?

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