The mission

To create a movement that transforms the way senior leadership teams think and make decisions through our dedication to building a greater diversity of ideas, abilities and experience.

The purpose

To transform organisations – through our impact on an organisation’s people and culture – so that they can continue to improve their social and economic performance, meet their objectives, and deliver outstanding customer outcomes.

To improve leaders – through their learning and development, succession planning and the way that they deliver business performance – so that they are best placed to succeed in an increasingly demanding and disruptive business world.

To build partnerships – in keeping with our belief that productive partnerships are based on long-term trustworthy and mutually beneficial relationships and networks.

To reshape our industry – through listening, evolving, responding and challenging – so that the advisory industry becomes more purpose and relationship driven.

Celebrating difference

The advantage

We aim to transform the way companies think and make decisions at the most senior levels and in doing so support the leadership team in building a more successful and commercially resilient business.

By helping organisations to make better informed, evidence based decisions on sourcing, appointing, promoting and creating board dynamics, we enable them to:

  • Build a more sustainable and competitive board mix
  • Consider alternative leadership appointments
  • Source leadership talent from an ocean rather than a pool
  • Discover the next generation of leaders
  • Develop and evolve the leadership mentality

Working with Equiida, organisations can develop their leadership talent, promote continuous learning and improvement, and be ready to meet the constant challenges of a changing business world.

Creating progress and perspective

The perspective

Organisations perform best when leadership teams create a set of alternative perspectives based on a diverse range of abilities, thoughts and experiences. It is a fundamental part of Equiida’s role as a leadership advisory firm to broaden the minds and perspectives of the executives and create a new definition of diversity and inclusivity. By challenging the decision making we help maximise these critical aspects of leadership effectiveness.

The alignment

As a trusted partner, Equiida’s objectives and outcomes have to be completely aligned to our clients. We make absolutely sure there is a clear understanding of their culture, values and commercial goals and that our alliance with them is founded on these factors. We work with them and for them with complete confidentiality, always discreet about who our clients and high profile networks are. The collective experience and knowledge of the entire company is used to create the best mutually beneficial outcome – we avoid siloed mindsets and fiefdoms.

The science

Our services, methodologies and ethos are underpinned by what we believe reflects the best and latest thinking, data and insights on the challenges of successfully leading an organisation in the current business environment.

We have created our own proprietary Leadership Assessment System – The EQL-5 which encompasses the following leadership attributes: 1) Emotional 2) Diversity 3) Future 4) Commercial and 5) Values Leadership.