Leadership effectiveness

We approach leadership effectiveness by encompassing the uniqueness of every organisation and their leadership team. The position on the company life cycle, the corporate structure and culture, the industry regulatory environment and shareholder relations are all considered. However, at Equiida, we also look into the people dynamics, behaviours, cognitive diversity and inclusiveness of the leaders and look beyond the process of checking the corporate governance codes. Ultimately, we ensure there is the right balance of risk oversight, growth and performance.

We work with you to determine which level of effectiveness suits your objectives, either;

  • Board effectiveness – working with the Chairman of the board or
  • Executive effectiveness – working with the CEO’s Executive Board

Coaching and assessment

We are passionate but discreet about creating executive leadership teams that outperform their competitors and cognitively diverse teams have been consistently proven to do that. Naturally, we have built a coaching team which brings a wide range of experience.

They are able to add value in a number of areas for example:

  • Chairman – first time Chair appointments and how to thrive
  • Top 100 first timers – those entering the FTSE and Fortune 100 for the first time
  • New market sector integration – entering a new sector as a board member
  • Restructuring of board composition
  • New geography integration – helping succeed in a new HQ location
  • Career and transition management
  • On-boarding and first 3-year integration
  • Team cohesion and retention
  • Decision making and biased selection methods.

Succession and benchmarking

We work with our clients over the long term, typically an 18 month period, to help build the optimal and appropriate future leadership team. We identify and select the executives both internally and externally, in order to build a leadership pool that is the best fit for the client’s succession plan needs. We work with our clients to create a discreet collection of executives and track them against the most relevant and high performance criteria before on-boarding them. We explore diverse global pools and introduce a more varied mindset and set of experiences in order to achieve the following:

  • Adjacencies – create peer connections and networks to share insights and data
  • Comparisons – deliver competitive insights and intelligence relevant to your companies need
  • Time – achieve a more considered and appropriate length of time searching and selecting in the market
  • Control – develop a longer term connection to manage the challenges associated to board succession planning
  • Validation – provide reassurance that the appointments were compared, contrasted and selected against the best in the market.


We asked hundreds of board members world-wide for feedback about the executive search industry and re-established what our clients need. Therefore, we are not your typical search firm; our process includes an in-depth first 100 day onboarding as well as year 1 and 2 integration management to protect the investment a client has made with us. We tirelessly follow a process that is designed to deliver the following:

  • Diversity – we explore world-wide those with broader aspects of diversity which deliver performance above the more traditional diversity measurements
  • Culture prediction – we work with our clients to measure the board and company of the future and build this into the selection process
  • Shared risk – we hold back charging the final portion of our fee until our appointment has successfully been in post for two years
  • Leadership performance – we measure our success based on the performance and impact our partnership has created with the client
  • Data and intelligence – we gather customised knowledge and insights from the market and competitors that are valuable to our clients.

Our clients

Our clients and their leadership teams require a broader skillset today than ever before, where diversity of ideas, abilities and experience is essential if ‘group think’ is to be avoided and organisations are to remain agile.

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