Leadership Team Effectiveness

We advise and facilitate senior leadership teams to enable them and their organisations achieve their potential:


Working with the Chair of the board to create an appropriate mix of skill and experience


Working with the CEO’s Executive board to ensure cohesion and alignment

Senior Leadership

Createing collaborative and purpose driven environments for senior leadership teams (C and C1)

Coaching and Facilitation

The landscape for senior leaders is ever changing and our team helps them navigate this. Our coaches bring a wide range of experience to support and challenge leaders:

Career and transition management

Onboarding and team integration

Team cohesion and retention

Leadership Assessment and Benchmarking

We use tools and techniques developed in conjunction with leaders in sport, industry and academics to determine an individuals unique behaviours, attributes and values. These can be benchmarked against the best in the global market. We cover five core areas of leadership:

Inclusive leadership

Future leadership

Commercial leadership

Values-based leadership

Self leadership

Search and Succession Planning

Our process includes in-depth first 100 day onboarding and year one and two integration coaching to protect your investment. We provide best in class research and intelligence, competitor insights, brand management, referencing and candidate/client experience. We focus on individual succession plan appointments or three year broad leadership selection and planning.

Our methodology is built around the following:


Culture matching

Risk management

Leadership performance

Long-term business impact and alignment

  • “Equiida has been pivotal in helping us build a brand new, values based, purpose driven company.”

  • “Supporting leaders to think and do differently to deliver an inclusive culture, which is the critical foundation to robust innovation, is a MUST DO.”

  • “Equiida’s coaching focused me on what can really help me improve.”

  • “Management is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right things.”

  • “Their experience in managing diversity in the collective management has been invaluable, allowing us to remain effective.”

  • “Providing very attentive support during the recruitment process. I really valued your insights and the humanity with which you conducted our dialogue.”

  • “Equiida, and specifically Marc, bring a fresh and vibrant approach and skill set to the table. I’m confident that impact will be lasting.”

  • “Equality is being invited to the party; Diversity is being invited to join in; Inclusion is being empowered to dance.”

Our clients

Our clients and their leadership teams require a broader skillset today than ever before, where diversity of ideas, abilities and experience is essential if ‘group think’ is to be avoided and organisations are to remain agile.

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