Nadia Nagamootoo

Nadia works with leadership teams and as an executive coach across sectors, industries, and global regions from large corporates such as HSBC, Ericsson and GSK to building leadership capability and resilience within Central and Local Government.

She has a deep specialism in the field of Inclusion and Diversity. Her 2016 and 2018 ground-breaking pieces of research on men working flexibly and the systemic impact on women, organisations and society has achieved significant publicity and attention.

Her observant coaching style allows her to ask the powerful questions to make deep, sustainable change. Her passion for helping leaders reach their full potential and discover their purpose has led to tangible shifts in performance time and time again. At an organisational level, her results come from creating a shift in inclusive behaviours and practice.

Nadia hosts the podcast show ‘Why Care?’ where she discusses all things Inclusion and Diversity.